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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Every year during the holidays I am always reminded how important it is to share with others. I like to think that every time I share something, I get something in return. While it’s not the reason I do it, it is a natural consequence.

Here’s an example: Every year I buy bicycles for kids and distribute them through various organizations that have access to people in need. Yesterday I delivered my first bikes to the city water department in my little town. My logic is that when people have a problem paying their water bill, chances are they may not have money left over to buy gifts. When I got home from delivering the bikes, my neighbor was in my driveway clearing a large limb that had fallen while I was gone. It seems that we always receive when we give.

When I think about the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), I think about sharing. MITA encourages States to share ideas, processes, and solutions and the net result is that States that share ideas usually end up with the most cost effective and reusable enterprises. Sharing solutions certainly saves time and money. We, as taxpayers, benefit when States share.

The best way to share ideas among states is to have a reusable MITA Tracking Tool that allows any authorized users to look at a State Self-Assessment (SS-A), see the before and after images, and analyze the components that allow the processes to be successfully performed. States that need modernization can benefit from seeing what products, solutions, and tools are used in other States and can incorporate those into their enterprise. This saves time and money and allows development dollars to be put back into the system to support the most critical stakeholders we have, the beneficiaries.

ReadyCert is the only MITA Tracking Tool that allows sharing of information between States, CMS, Vendors, and enterprise stakeholders. ReadyCert saves time and money in all areas related to Medicaid Enterprise Modernization. When used throughout the modernization process, certification is a breeze.

To get a personal demonstration just click here. 

Don’t forget to share every chance you get. You never know but someone may just clear a path for you when you least expect it!

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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