Medicaid Modernization: What Role should the MITA Contractor play?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Considering that the CMS guidelines for MITA are complex, it is understandable that States hire contractors to help with Medicaid Modernization tasks. States often rely on contractors to perform an SS-A, write an RFP, consult on best practices, oversee the project management office, test the solution, and to perform other tasks not necessarily within the sweet spot of the government. That’s a good use of taxpayer dollars. 

That being said, there are two things that all these contractors must share if a State is going to have a successful modernization project: Federal Compliance and State Goals. Without compliance there is no chance for Federal approval (and thus no funding) and, without a sharing of goals, the original ideas get lost in translation.

Some of the biggest firms making a market in MITA have performed over a dozen MITA projects and left behind nothing for the next contractor to use except a simple spreadsheet. You know the culprits. To perpetuate the problem, States hire these same contractors over and over without ever seeing the end result of the modernization effort.

You see, most MITA contractors do not use compliance software and most of the original goals set by the State are lost before the solution goes live. When the SS-A is poorly documented, the modernization project is in trouble. When the RFP doesn’t reflect the SS-A, the project is doomed. Compliance software that works end-to-end eliminates these problems.

If you are a State stakeholder doing business with a MITA contractor, ask them to show you their compliance software. Ask the SS-A contractor how they intend to capture your goals and how they will pass those goals on to the next phase of the modernization project.

ReadyCert is the best compliance software on the market that captures and reuses your MITA data in all 6 CMS defined milestones. In fact, it’s the only tool. Don’t be fooled by clever MITA Contractors who show you a diagram and say, “this is how we do it.”

Ask to see the software. Chances are they don’t have it. If your organization uses ReadyCert, best practices are assured for both your organization AND your Contractors. 

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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