Medicaid Enterprise The Most Useful Tool for Takeover Projects

With all this activity it is likely that some States will opt to build on their existing platforms instead of completing a replacement solution. Florida has taken the lead and announced that they will work closely with a system integrator to take over the existing solution, modernize the solution by adding COTS components, perform fiscal agent services, and design a new DSS for the stakeholders. While a takeover of this magnitude may limit the financial exposure associated with a complete replacement (for the State), it leaves many would-be competitors shaking their heads wondering how they can ensure project success when dealing with the unknowns of their competitor’s solution. There is a way!

The MITA 3.0 SS-A performed by the State holds the key to takeover success. The As-Is condition for each process contains in-depth information that potential bidders may use to determine the feasibility of such a takeover and may point out risks that can be mitigated by proper planning. A MITA 3.0 SS-A, when completed properly, contains narratives relating to each business area and business process, components used to perform the process, data interfaces, file descriptions and layouts, business process models, screenshots, reports, and much more useful data. Considering that most SS-A’s are recorded on simple spreadsheets, what tool can make all this information navigable?

EHR, LLC has the only tool on the market that makes loading SS-A data a snap. ReadyCert 3.0 empowers users to quickly input SS-A data into a database, analyze the data, and make determinations based on the content. The rich reporting features in ReadyCert help capture managers analyze the existing solution, determine the feasibility of a takeover, document risks, and gain knowledge before making the important bid/no bid decision.

Reviewing a target state’s SS-A can help eliminate bad decisions and is the quickest way to gain an understanding of future challenges associated with the takeover of a competitor’s solution. Give me a call to find out more about how to use the SS-A when considering a takeover.

ReadyCert is available for sale/resale/license and is applicable to all milestones associated with the modernization of State Medicaid Enterprises.

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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