History and the Modern MMIS Enterprise

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mita, in the Inca world, was a system of public service that allowed the construction of highways and structures necessary for the successful operation of the Empire. In our world, it defines development of a world-class Medicaid Enterprise.

The Mita system was one of the best inventions of the Inca government. When someone’s turn came (actually Mita means turn) to provide public service, the government took care of the family members. Inca service members built bridges, houses, monuments, and, most importantly, roads. Roads provided the exchange of ideas, goods, and services for the public. People helping people for the common good, using best practices, has always been the most effective way of erecting any business.

Much as the Inca’s system provided for the public good, so does the Medicaid Information Technical Architecture. The public (and we as taxpayers) benefit from the construction of modern, modularized MMIS solutions configured using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components. States save money on the configuration by not reinventing the wheel. Vendors save money by using and reusing best of breed components. The public is served by using an efficient and cost effective delivery system. Everyone in the Enterprise benefits from MITA, just as the Inca’s did. 

Collaboration breeds success. Combining logical concepts to form an approach makes sense. Teamwork is the key to MITA.

The open exchange of information builds knowledge. Knowledge drives efficiency and this data exchange is as critical today as it was during Inca times. Without the exchange of information, there can be no most effective process, no leverage of other’s good ideas, no form of improvement, no Enterprise. Process drives technology. That’s the MITA way.

To find out more about building with MITA and how to benefit from it in today’s world, go to www.ehr-llc.com and click on ReadyCert. Or, just stop by our booth at the conference and test drive the only MITA compliance software on the market today.

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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