Announcing Support for HITECH and NHSIA

Thursday, February 4, 2016

EHR announces the release of ReadyCert 3.3 which now includes compliance assessment capabilities for HITECH and NHSIA. The fact is, our state-of-the-art tracking solution can be used for countless compliance assessment efforts for IT systems.

ReadyCert is compliance tracking software for all types of Health and Human Services Information Systems. Perform an assessment of your As-Is condition and Seven Standards and Conditions maturity, maintain your assessment data, evaluate your goals, define your To-Be vision, document your maturity gaps and report in a myriad of formats.  That is the ReadyCert way!

ReadyCert: Compliance software for MITA, HITECH, NHSIA assessments and more.

How compliant is your Medicaid Enterprise with Federal Guidelines? To find out, license ReadyCert. Give me, Wayne Cooper a call today at 850.210.2929.

Written by:
Wayne Cooper

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